Some of the parts we purchased are shown here.

2013-06-21 – Not only the first day of summer, the part are supposed to arrive today.  They are out for delivery from the Vandalia Fedex office.  Should arrive later today.

This is a picture of the servo system.

We purchased one for X, one for Z.  They are very similar, except the Z motor is 1KW and the X is 0.75KW.





This is the MPG box.  This will allow us to manually position the slides with the handwheel.










The Motion Controller:

8 axis motion controller.

Has analog input capability too.

Encoder inputs, analog interface to drives, and quite a bit of digital I/O

I/O breakout module.

Optically isolated

LED’s for all I/O points.

2A per point outputs




Controller with wiring breakout module.  This will make it easier to wire to the 25pin D shell connectors.

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