X Axis

6/28/2013 – Jeff & I took the covers off the X feedback unit about a week ago.  The screw turns much easier than the Z axis.  Can’t see the pitch, but I suppose it is like the Z.  The new motor should mount where the original motor is.

I don’t have the X axis uncovered yet.  I expect it to have a 3/4 x 0.2″ screw like the Z, because I can’t imagine it being any smaller than that.


This is the X axis from the drive end.  The motor near the bottom, with the shaft end facing the camera.  The resolver has already been removed by this time.












This is the new motor, adapted to the original motor mounting plate.  It happened to be close enough to fit, so Randy modified the plate so that the new motor would bolt in where the old one was.  The original motor is in the upper right.  The new motor is slightly longer, but it does not interfere with the travel length.  (The motor moves toward the bed of the lathe when the X axis moves in the positive direction.  If the motor gets too long, the travel length will be affected.)



This is the nameplate data on the new X axis motor.

It is a brushless servo motor with an encoder for position feedback.  It probably also has halls built in.


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