First Steps

Some of the first steps are outlined here.

  1. Check out the mechanics
    1. Z Axis
    2. X axis
    3. Spindle
    4. Turret
    5. Collet Closer
    6. Barfeeder
  2. Do some calculations and design the motor mounts
    1. Remove the old motors and feedback devices
      1. Feedback devices are all removed.
      2. X motor needs extracted
    2. Take measurements
    3. Do some calculations to pick a good pulley ratio
      1. Existing ratios are 4:1
      2. We probably can’t easily get 4:1, but we also don’t need that high of a ratio.
        1. Go for 3:1 by replacing motor pulleys (OD’s are too small for us to salvage them)
        2. Any ratio close to 3:1 will be fine.
    4. Make the required parts to adapt the motors to the lathe.
  3. Clean out the old wiring
    1. All of the servo/motor/tach/feedback wiring can go.
    2. Need to trace out and salvage home and overtravel switches.
    3. Trace out all digital I/O sensors and actuators, adapt them to 24v I/O as needed.
  4. Figure out the spindle drive/motor – salvage what still works, if anything.
    1. If the drive works, or seems like it is fixable, fix it.
    2. If the drive can’t be salvaged, attempt to salvage the motor.
      1. The motor works.  Jeff hooked a battery to it and it runs fine.
      2. Find a modern drive suitable to drive the existing motor.
  5. Servo drives have been removed, along with the power supply.



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